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Show unlimited supporters on a NationBuilder directory page

Work with your supporter base more effectively through improved directory organisation, searching and filtering.

Create animated modal popups to promote your latest updates

Add a beautiful modal popup to your NationBuilder site so supporters can easily keep up to date with recent news related to your campaigns.

Add a Video Gallery to your NationBuilder site

Add a beautiful and hassle-free video gallery to your site so you can easily share your YouTube and Vimeo masterpieces with your community.

Include videos in your NationBuilder feature slider

Include videos from YouTube and Vimeo through NationBuilder’s standard slider tool.

Filter blog posts on NationBuilder websites

Allow supporters to browse your NationBuilder blog posts by category, complete with filter animations and automatic tag detection.

Add Next and Previous links to blog posts on your NationBuilder site

Make it even easier for supporters to work their way through your blog posts.